Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's what to expect, ground rules, etc...

My sincere hope is that others will read this blog and benefit from it. Therefore, in the off-chance that someone does actually read this, I'll put down a foundation!

What you will primarily find reading this blog is training advice that focuses on maintaining and building your relationship with your dog(s), operant conditioning, positive reinforcement and proven behavioral theory. Humans have been training dogs for thousands of years, there are lots of techniques that work. There is an old joke that goes "There is only one thing two dog trainers can agree on: that the third trainer is doing it wrong". How we care for and train our beloved companions can spark endless hours of spirited debate. I get that. So here's the deal - I'm more than happy to read your comments and even post suggestions and discussions. I think they can be beneficial and educational. HOWEVER, I will not allow anything that will a) result in what
I perceive to be ill treatment of a dog, b) goes against my personal training philosophy, and c) is just nasty or mean to any being - be it human or canine. You even have to be nice to cats on this blog too. Oh, and cows, I like cows.

I also reserve the right to post about my dogs and their infinite adorableness and other dog care issues. So hey! Let's get to it! Feel free to email me questions and topics you'd like to see addressed as well!

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  1. I love it! I'm so psyched about your blog! Can't wait for more!